How to Clean KENT Water Purifier – Step By Step Guide

Water purifiers are amongst the most important and useful things for homeowners. However, apart from choosing the best one for your home, there is one more essential thing that you shouldn’t ignore while having a perfect water purifier at home. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about cleaning the water purifier to achieve the best performance and healthy and clean drinking water. Though most homeowners go with the AMC provided by the water purifier company, if you are after best performance and usability, we will suggest you go with regular at-home cleaning of the water purifiers.

A Step By Step Guide To Clean KENT Water Purifier


The KENT water purifiers are meant for performance and if you are looking for the cleanest possible drinking water, home maintenance and simple cleaning tips for the KENT water purifier can be a great option to look for. Here, in the article, we will be talking about a few simple yet effective steps that you can follow in order to enhance the life span of your KENT water purifier. SO, have a look at these steps and follow them accordingly to get the best in-home maintenance of the KENT water purifier.

Step 1: Cut the electric and water supply of the KENT water purifier

The first important step to clean your KENT purifier at home without any expert guidance is to remove it from the power and water supply. Also, if your water purifier has a storage tank, be sure to empty it before start cleaning. By doing this you won’t have to deal with the unnecessary mess while cleaning the water purifier.

Step 2: Remove the housing of the KENT water purifier

The next step is to remove the purifier housing from the wall where you have installed it. For this step, you will need simple tools like screwdrivers. 

Step 3: Read the user’s manual of the KENT water purifier so that you can easily know the proper placement of filters and other attachments

Once you have uninstalled the purifier from the wall, the next step is to go through the user manual carefully and remove the filters and enter the water storage tank.  

Step 4: Open the Sediment filter and clean it thoroughly with running water

The Pre-sediment filter is the first filter of most water purifiers that restricts the physical impurities and dirt to enter the purifier. And that’s the reason why this is one of the most important filters of a water purifier. Clean it thoroughly under the running water. 

Step 5:  Check for the water tank for any loose dirt and chemical residue

Clean the water storage tank thoroughly once you are done with the other filters. And that would be the final step for cleaning the KENT water purifier. Once you have checked and cleaned everything, reassemble the purifier. 


So, these were the steps that you can easily follow at home without any major problem. Just by choosing the right maintenance steps at home, you can easily enhance the performance and life span of the water purifier. So, once you have chosen the best water purifier for your home, be sure to use the above-listed steps in addition to enrolling for the AMC by the company’s certified professionals.