What Is A Gravity Based Water Purifier & How It Works

Water purifiers are now more modern and efficient than ever before. With excellent performance and numerous filtration techniques, the best water purifiers are now more reliable and valuable than before. Clean drinking water is something that is the most important thing in the current scenario. With a rightly chosen water purifier, you can easily be assured of getting the best value for money along with the better filtration needed according to the water quality in your area. With numerous types of water purifiers in India, there is a wide range of options for homebuyers who are looking forward to buying a perfect water purifier for them. Depending on the water condition and budget, you can easily find the perfect water purifier that can provide you with the cleanest drinking water.

How Does The Gravity Based Water Purifier Work

Though there are numerous types of water purifier in the Indian market, we are going to talk about the simplest and most popular purifiers in India, the gravity based water purifiers. If you have decent water quality and do not need to invest unnecessarily in high-end water purifiers, you should opt for these amazing purifiers for your home.  

How Gravity Based Water Purifiers Are Different From Other Water Purifiers?

Gravity based water purifiers are extremely different from other types of water purifiers popular in India. And you can consider them as filters rather than purifiers. Typically, gravity-based purifiers have two components. One in which you fill the water. And the other one is where the purified or filtered water is stored. Between these two components, the gravity-based purifiers have a filter or membrane that restricts the impurities to enter the second compartment. And this is the only thing that replaced over time. In other words, gravity-based water purifiers are amongst the easiest to maintain and most affordable water purifiers in the market. 

Benefits of Having  Gravity Based Water Purifier At Home

Apart from being extremely easy to maintain, the gravity-based water purifiers also have numerous other benefits that make them the perfect choice for homeowners. Have a look at these and then choose whether you should opt for these purifiers or not. 

  • The gravity-based purifiers are extremely affordable
  • With inexpensive maintenance, they can easily last for years
  • Wide range of models available from different brands

Along with these, there are plenty of more benefits that you can opt for while choosing the gravity-based purifier for your home.

How Efficient These Water Purifiers Are?

Talking about the efficiency of gravity-based water purifiers, then if you are looking for a high-end purifier that can add minerals to your drinking water or make it softer than before, then the gravity-based purifiers won’t be the right buy for you. However, if the water quality in your home is decent, and it only has the    


So, this was the complete information about the gravity-based purifiers. If you have decent water quality at home or do not have a continuous water supply at home, then we will suggest you try hands-on these purifiers which are a more affordable and feasible choice for such conditions.