What is UF in Water Purifier And Why It Is Necessary

UF is referred to as Ultrafiltration, and it is one of the most technically advanced filtration systems. The ultrafiltration system is different from RO and UV filters. In this article, we have tried to explain why UF is necessary for home water purifiers in more details. Go ahead and check it out now.

What is UF in Water Purifier In India

UF system uses a hollow fibre membrane that stops the microscopic contaminants and solid debris from the water. It is a mechanical filter that filters out particles of up to 0.025-micron size. The UF system allows the salts & dissolved organics to pass through while it blocks bacteria, macromolecular organics, particles and silt from the water. The advantage of the UF system is that it removes impurities, but it doesn’t remove the salt from the water. Many people prefer UF because it filters the water and removes the sediments, cysts and chlorine, but it retains the minerals and other essential things in the water. All these minerals are necessary for the human body, and thus UF has the edge over RO.

 Why UF Is Necessary For Water Purifier

The good thing about the UF filter is that you would not need a storage tank for the UF filter. The UF type purifier can be linked directly to the faucet, and it can have a capacity of up to a gallon per minute. UF systems’ capacity is a lot more than the RO systems, and the wastage is non-existent. The UF systems can operate under low water pressure so you would not have to worry about installing a water booster pump either. In terms of wastage, RO is not very efficient. They waste 4 gallons of water while they produce just 1 gallon of water.

The wait time is longer, as well. The UF scores better since the wait time & wastage is non-existent. The UF systems are also compact compared with the RO, and they would need a lot less space in your kitchen. So, another reason to opt for UF over RO is for the people with a smaller kitchen. The UF cost is also less when compared to RO filters and but on the downside, the filtration system costs more than RO in the long run. The hollow membrane cavity is expensive, but considering there is no wastage, the UF filter proves to be a lot better than RO Water Purifiers. It is a small cost that you can pay for your planet. 

Final Verdict

The UF system proves to be better than the UV, RO and all other types of filters. There is no need for harmful chemicals in this type of filter, and UF technology proves to be highly efficient as well. The water quality doesn’t fall with time, and the filter is easy to maintain. We compared UF with RO because both technologies use a membrane to filter water, and since you understand RO, it became easy for us to explain UF to you.